Full Name:  James Alexander
Title/Position: Registered Clinical Counsellor
Email: [email protected]
Work Phone Number: 6044742790
Work Address Line 1: 2550 Shaughnessy Street, 203
Country: Canada
Province: British Columbia
City: Port Coquitlam
Postal/Zip Code: Port Coquitlam
Professional Association/Affiliation: Counsellor
Name of Professional Association & Regulatory Body: BCACC
Code of Ethics: As per association standards
Professional Standing: To the best of my knowledge, I am registered or licensed to engage in independent counselling practice (i.e., cannot be Qualifying status or Provisional status).


Clinical Supervision Information

Highest Degree in Clinical Counselling/Psychology/Social Work (must have minimum of a master’s degree): MA Counselling Psychology
Year Obtained: 2012
Years of Clinical Counselling Experience: 9
Do you have one full year of clinically-supervised experience in post degree?:  Yes
Years of Experience in Providing Clinical Supervision: 5
Applicable Training in Supervision: 5
What supervisory role will you play in this practicum?: Primary Supervisor
Full Name:
Work Phone Number:
Will you be supervising more than one Yorkville University student concurrently?: No


Supervisor Agreement

I acknowledge that I am not the Practicum Student’s direct Employment Supervisor and/or current therapist (i.e., refraining from dual relationships as outlined in the Supervisors Practicum Guide): Yes
I agree to uphold the requirements and procedures outlined in the Supervisors Practicum Guide.: Yes

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