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23W Practicum Course Section Schedule-Viewing Period: Mon. November 7 – Sun. November 13, 2022

23W Practicum Course Section Schedule Sign-up GOES LIVE: Mon November 14 @ 1pm Atlantic

23W Practicum Course Section Schedule Sign-up CLOSES: Thur. November 17, 2022 @ 12pm Atlantic

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23W Practicum Course Sections

Monday4:00 PMAlice H Crawford *1AView PDF
Tuesday10:00 PMAlice H Crawford *2BView PDF
Thursday2:00 PMLoriAnn Stretch3CView PDF
Thursday7:00 PMCharlotte Hamilton4DView PDF
Tuesday7:00 PMCharlotte Hamilton5EView PDF
Tuesday8:00 PMDr. Jen Davies *6FView PDF
Monday11:00 AMLaura Tanzini *7GView PDF
Tuesday11:00 AMLaura Tanzini *8HView PDF
Thursday11:00 AMLaura Tanzini *9IView PDF
Wednesday10:00 AMCheryl Welch10JView PDF
Wednesday6:00 PMCheryl Welch11KView PDF
Friday10:00 AMCheryl Welch12LView PDF
Tuesday6:00 PMBeda Bjorn13MView PDF
Monday6:00 PMBeda Bjorn14NView PDF
Wednesday1:00 PMDr. Abby Baumgart15OView PDF
Wednesday1:00 PMDr. Abby Baumgart16PView PDF
Thursday1:00 PMDr. Abby Baumgart17QView PDF
Wednesday7:00 PMDr Don Zeman *18RView PDF
Wednesday3:30 PMCindi Saj19SView PDF
Wednesday10:00 AMGrace Viere20TView PDF
Thursday10:00 AMGrace Viere21UView PDF
Monday9:00 AMDr. Belinda Atchison *22VView PDF
Friday9:00 AMDr. Belinda Atchison *23WView PDF
Wednesday11:00 AMDavid Hart24XView PDF
Wednesday2:00 PMDavid Hart25YView PDF
Wednesday5:00 PMDavid Hart26ZView PDF
Wednesday10:00 AMDr. Donna James27AAView PDF
Thursday10:00 AMDr. Donna James28ABView PDF
Tuesday6:00 PMApril Crable29ACView PDF
Friday12:00 PMCasey Burgess30ADView PDF
Wednesday5:00 PMDaniela Rabellino *31AEView PDF
Saturday1:00 PMKaitlyn Hillier *32AFView PDF
Wednesday5:00 PMLa Vera C. Brown33AGView PDF
Monday8:00 PMRebecca Loehrer *34AHView PDF
Monday1:00 PMDr. Karin Celosse *35AIView PDF
Tuesday10:00 PMEileen Chaves *36AJView PDF
Thursday10:00 PMEileen Chaves *37AKView PDF
Tuesday3:00 PMPhuong-Anh Urga *38ALView PDF
Monday4:00 PMMichele P Mannion39AMView PDF
Tuesday10:00 AMBola Ogun40ANView PDF
Tuesday12:00 PMBola Ogun41A0View PDF
Tuesday4:00 PMDr. Fiona Vajk *42APView PDF
Thursday4:00 PMDr. Fiona Vajk *43AQView PDF
Friday4:00 PMDr. Fiona Vajk *44ARView PDF
Saturday11:00 AMDr. Reba Glidewell *45ASView PDF
Wednesday3:00 PMDr. Araksya Arutyunyan *46ATView PDF
Thursday1:00 PMDr. Araksya Arutyunyan *47AUView PDF
Wednesday6:00 PMDr. Konja Klepper48AVView PDF
Wednesday1:00 PMDr. Konja Klepper49AWView PDF
Tuesday6:00 PMDr. Konja Klepper50AXView PDF
Thursday9:00 AMSusan Foster51AYView PDF
Tuesday6:00 PMGlenn B. Gelman *52AZView PDF
Tuesday8:30 PMGlenn B. Gelman *53BAView PDF
Tuesday4:00 PMDonte` Corey54BBView PDF
Tuesday11:00 AMDr. Mindy Heher55BCView PDF
Tuesday12:00 PMSanaz Adibian *56BDView PDF
Thursday8:00 PMDanielle Jackson *58BFView PDF
Friday11:00 AMGeorge Davy Vera59BGView PDF
Friday1:30 PMGeorge Davy Vera60BHView PDF
Saturday11:00 AMGeorge Davy Vera61BIView PDF
Saturday1:30 PMGeorge Davy Vera62BJView PDF
Thursday3:00 PMDr. April Glenn *63BKView PDF
Tuesday9:30 PMDr. Saira Sabzaali *64BLView PDF
Saturday4:00 PMDr. Brenda Bentley *65BMView PDF
Saturday7:00 PMDr. Brenda Bentley *66BNView PDF
Wednesday1:00 PMDr. Brenda Bentley *67BOView PDF
Monday6:00 PMKiley Dunne Lizama *68BPView PDF
Wednesday7:30 PMDr. Heidi M. Wennesheimer *69BQView PDF
Monday7:30 PMDr. Heidi M. Wennesheimer *71BSView PDF
Monday5:30 PMJulia Dunlop72BTView PDF
Thursday8:00 PMJulia Dunlop73BUView PDF
Tuesday3:00 PMBree Fiissel *74BVView PDF
Wednesday6:00 PMMichelle de la Paz75BWView PDF
Wednesday7:00 PMCharlotte Hamilton76BXView PDF
Saturday3:30 PMCindi Saj77BYView PDF
Monday3:00 PMDr. Karin Celosse *78BZView PDF
Thursday5:00 PMDeanna McCulloch79CAView PDF

* College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) approved

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