Practicum Course Section Signup

Students can select their preferred Practicum Course Section on Monday, December 6th at 1pm AT.

Sign-ups will close on Thursday, December 9th at 9am AT. This is a hard timeline.

The sign-up process will be conducted on a first come, first served basis. Most students sign up within the first 10 minutes. Once a course reaches the max capacity, then that section will close as a sign-up option.

Here are some helpful tips that will make sure you are successful.

  • Please ensure that you have six choices that will work for you written down before the beginning of sign-up, as this will make the process go more smoothly for you.
  • Do not contact instructors listed on the sign-up section. They cannot enroll you into a section.
  • Please make sure that the seminar and faculty instruction times fit in your life schedule (including religious holidays). Please make arrangements with your child care provider, practicum site, and/or employer. These are mandatory sessions and cannot be missed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Practicum Advisor.

22W Practicum Course Sections​

DayTime InstructorSectionSchedule
Thursday8:00 PMBelinda Atchison *1AView PDF
Wednesday6:00 PMPatti Barrows *2BView PDF
Thursday12:00 PMPatti Barrows3CView PDF
Monday12:00 PMAbby Baumgart4DView PDF
Monday2:00 PMAbby Baumgart5EView PDF
Wednesday2:00 PMHildy Bennett6FView PDF
Thursday2:00 PMHildy Bennett7GView PDF
Friday2:00 PMHildy Bennett8HView PDF
Wednesday3:00 PMLa Vera Brown9IView PDF
Tuesday12:00 PMKarin Celosse *10JView PDF
Tuesday2:00 PMKarin Celosse *11KView PDF
Thursday10:00 PMEileen Chaves *12LView PDF
Monday4:00 PMAlice Crawford *13MView PDF
Monday10:00 PMAlice Crawford *14NView PDF
Wednesday7:00 PMNeil Duchac15OView PDF
Wednesday9:00 PMNeil Duchac16PView PDF
Tuesday7:00 PMGlenn Gelman *17QView PDF
Tuesday9:30 PMGlenn Gelman *18RView PDF
Saturday12:30 PMSofia Georgiadou19SView PDF
Monday7:30 PMReba Glidewell *20TView PDF
Tuesday6:00 PMEarl Grey21UView PDF
Thursday10:00 AMPenny Lane Hamblin22VView PDF
Thursday12:00 PMPenny Lane Hamblin23WView PDF
Thursday2:00 PMPenny Lane Hamblin24XView PDF
Monday3:00 PMKaitlyn Hillier *26ZView PDF
Monday1:00 PMDonna James27AAView PDF
Tuesday1:00 PMDonna James28ABView PDF
Monday6:00 PMSola Kippers29ACView PDF
Wednesday6:00 PMKonja Klepper30ADView PDF
Wednesday1:00 PMKonja Klepper31AEView PDF
Monday7:00 PMThomasina Lawson32AFView PDF
Monday9:00 PMRebecca Loehrer *33AGView PDF
Thursday1:00 PMMichele P. Mannion *34AHView PDF
Tuesday12:00 PMStephanie Morgan *35AIView PDF
Tuesday6:00 PMDonte Corey36AJView PDF
Thursday7:00 PMRobert Roughley A37AKView PDF
Thursday9:00 PMRobert Roughley A38ALView PDF
Wednesday1:00 PMRobert Roughley A39AMView PDF
Monday12:00 PMKimber Shelton40ANView PDF
Friday2:00 PMLoriAnn Stretch41AOView PDF
Monday8:00 PMPhuong-Anh Urga *42APView PDF
Wednesday12:00 PMPhuong-Anh Urga *43AQView PDF
Thursday4:00 PMFiona Vajk *44ARView PDF
Friday4:00 PMFiona Vajk *45ASView PDF
Friday1:00 PMGeorge Davy Vera46ATView PDF
Saturday11:00 AMGeorge Davy Vera47AUView PDF
Monday1:00 PMGrace Viere48AVView PDF
Friday3:00 PMGrace Viere49AWView PDF
Tuesday7:00 PMDon Zeman *50AXView PDF
Saturday12:00 PMHeather Zeng51AYView PDF

* College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) approved

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