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How to use this Portal:

  1. Read the Student Practicum Manual which contains information on Pre-Practicum Preparation; Site and Supervisor Requirements; Site Requirements; Application Steps and Processes; Onsite Practicum Requirements; and the Practicum Course.
  2. Get a snapshot of how to prepare for your practicum by checking out the Pre-Practicum Timeline. The timeline offers a general overview of practicum-related activities and timing.
  3. Practicum Advisors are here to support you through the process of searching for and securing a practicum placement. Submit any questions you may have through AskYU by using the link on the upper right hand side of the website’s top bar.
  4. To navigate the Student Section and gain more information about the Practicum, use the menu located above, or select one of the subsections from below. Each of these sections have been organized in the order in which you will need to deal with them.

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