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Here you can find information on how to join our amazing team of supervisors as well as any information pertaining to the Practicum and its requirements for Supervisors. You may also apply to become a Practicum Supervisor in this specific section of our Practicum Portal.

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Supervision is a learning process in which the supervisee (psychotherapist reporting for supervision) works with a more experienced specialist to enrich his own skills and professional experience, ultimately serving the client requesting help. Supervision work focuses on a better understanding of the diagnosis, contractual arrangements, and counselling process due to various therapy issues related to resistance, transference, countertransference, etc.

The word supervision in psychotherapy means a certain form of supervision and support provided to the therapist during consultations with the supervisor, i.e. an experienced psychotherapist. The psychotherapist needs supervision in the correct understanding and guidance of the psychotherapy process. Supervision plays at least two roles. First, for the supervised psychotherapist it helps to maintain the appropriate quality of the psychotherapy process (e.g., it cares for the principle of the client’s good by monitoring ethical and professional aspects of the psychotherapy process). Secondly, it motivates the therapist to improve their therapeutic skills and develop their theoretical knowledge and self-awareness by reflecting on themselves. Supervision is also for the psychotherapist a mechanism to take care of their personal needs (i.e. protect against stress, burnout and other issues concerning personal well-being). The therapist can increase self-awareness at work, which in turn affects the quality of professional services in the counselling process.

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