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Practicum Sites must be on the Site Locator List in order to secure an approval for student placement. For a Practicum Site to be approved and placed on the Site Locator List, the Practicum Site must complete the following application form.

The MACP program seeks to maintain up-to-date information on the MACP Site Locator, however it is possible that some of these sites no longer meet YU current practicum site requirements or are not able to offer Yorkville students placements at a particular time.

Partial Placement sites 

Please note that if a site is designated as a Partial Placement site, this means although the site meets all of Yorkville University MACP requirements for attaining both direct and indirect contact hours to meet MACP practicum requirements, the site may be smaller in nature, and historically may not have been able to provide enough direct or indirect client contact hours. Therefore, please be aware in selecting a partial placement site that it may take longer for practicum students to accumulate hours.

Supplementary Sites

 Please note that supplementary sites are subject to the 70-30 percentage rule. This means that only 30% of direct client contact hours can be completed at a supplemental placement site while 70% of direct client contact hours must be completed at a primary placement site. Having a supplemental practicum placement site will only be permitted if a primary site is already in place.

Please see the Student Practicum manual for more information on site categories.

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