Supervisor Information

Eligibility of Site Supervisor

All supervisors must be officially approved by the Department of Field Training prior to students beginning the practicum. The site supervisor must possess:
  • Minimum of master’s degree in mental health counselling-related field (Clinical Counselling/Psychology/Social Work).
  • Professional licensure or registration to engage in independent counselling practice (i.e., cannot be RP-Qualifying status or Provisional status).
  • In regulated provinces, we require proof of supervisor registration. In unregulated provinces we require proof of registration with either a provincial or national association.
All potential supervisors are required to provide a copy of (1) current CV or Resume and (2) registration/certification/licensure document to be reviewed approved by the Department o Field Training, even if they have provided it previously. Please email these items to our Practicum Liaison [email protected] in order to complete the application process.

Practicum Guide for Supervisors

The Supervisors Practicum Guide provides all of the guidelines that sites and site supervisors will need to be informed for providing site and supervision for the MACP practicum students. Please refer directly to the Site Supervisor Guide for more information related to practicum start date and allocation of hours, site requirements, supervisor requirements, supervisor roles and responsibilities, required practicum activities, and relevant forms.

Roles & Responsibilities

By becoming a practicum supervisor for a Yorkville University MACP student, supervisors accept the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Accept professional responsibility for the practicum student.
  • Assign appropriate clients for the practicum student’s level of competency.
  • Collaborate and plan with the student on video recording of client sessions for the faculty instruction sessions for the Practicum course.
  • Provide direct observation and feedback for a minimum of 3 one-hour individual counselling sessions and provide feedback, with at least 1 direct observation taking place during the first trimester of practicum.
  • Provide feedback to instructor for a Formative Evaluation (during first trimester) and a Summative Evaluation (during second trimester) of the student’s progress at the end of each trimester. And, review the feedback with the student, and during a conference call with the student and faculty instructor.
  • Review the clinical skills of the student on a regular basis, providing at least 1 hour per week of direct face-to-face individual supervision.
  • Verify the practicum student’s practicum hours in the Time2Track online application.

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