Practicum Application

Application Process

MACP students generally begin practicum in trimester six and finish at the end of trimester seven.

All practicums must be officially approved by the Department of Field Training the trimester prior to the student beginning practicum.

To receive approval for a practicum plan, students must submit a successfully completed Practicum Application to the Department of Field Training by the established deadlines.

Additionally, students must take note of the requirements for any additional documentation from Supervisors, earlier deadlines, and/or additional documents for their application submission for work and international placements.

To begin your application process, start here:

  1. Browse and select a site on the Site Locator.
  2. Make contact with the Site and complete their process for acceptance as a Practicum Student.
  3. Obtain the start date with your site (remember the start date must be the first date of the term you begin Practicum).
  4. Once accepted, ask the Site Supervisor to complete the Supervisor Application form:
    • Send the Site Supervisor the link to the MACP Practicum Portal: and the form at
    • If the Site Supervisor has previously completed this form, then you can confirm completion through our Practicum Advisors (submit an AskYU ticket under “Does this Supervisor meet qualifications?”).
    • The Site Supervisor will receive an email notification (from our Practicum Liaison) stating whether or not they have been approved. The Supervisor should inform the student of this approval.
      Note: Please encourage the supervisor to check their spam or junk mail. These approval emails typically take 10 or more business days.
  5. Send Site and Supervisor an email to confirm acceptance – this proves the student has been accepted:
  6. Complete and submit your Practicum Application. This should not be submitted until all other steps have been completed.
  1. Connect with the new site and share information about the Practicum Experience – Use the Practicum Portal information.
  2. If the Site expresses interest in a Practicum Placement, then request that the Site submit their information through the form located at the Site Locator.
    • Our MACP Practicum Liaison will be automatically notified of a new practicum site once the forms have been completed by the site
    • Our Practicum Liaison will connect with Site to start the approval process
    • If approved, the Site will be added to the Site on the Locator webpage on MACP Practicum Portal.
    • This process can take approximately 5-10 business days to complete.
  3. Once the site has been added to the Locator, please follow the application steps under “How to Apply with a Site on the Practicum Portal Site Locator”


Each trimester has its own practicum application deadlines ending at 11:55pm Atlantic Time (AT) on their respective day. These deadlines are specified below:

For Practicums in Place of Employment

  • January Start on October 1
  • May Start on February 1
  • September Start on June 1

For All Other Practicums

  • January Start on November 1
  • May Start on March 1
  • September Start on July 1

Documents Potentially Required by Site

It is very important that all students confirm with their proposed practicum site whether additional documents are required for their placement; generally, these will be:

  • Criminal record check (possibly with vulnerable sector check);
  • Mask fitting; and/or…
  • Proof of immunizations.

Because it is the University’s responsibility to ensure students have acquired the document(s), students must submit proof of the required document(s) as part of the Practicum Application. Failure to submit required documentation will delay the processing of a student’s application and may impact whether the student will be able to begin practicum on time. It is important you find out early on if any/all of these are required by your site, to give yourself enough time to secure them for your application.

Students must confirm with their proposed practicum site whether they must acquire a Criminal Record Check and potentially also a Vulnerable Sector Check. Please ensure that you begin this process early so you will obtain all of the necessary documents prior to submitting your practicum application. Failure to submit this required documentation will delay the processing of your application and may affect whether you will be able to begin practicum on time.

CRC procedures vary, depending on geographical location, which can affect the length of time it takes to obtain a CRC, i.e. wait time can be much longer in a large, urban center than in a rural area. Students must be aware of the process for their area and plan accordingly. It is important that the CRC is obtained from a reputable site (such as a local police station).

Here are some common scenarios we have encountered, which you may find helpful:

  • Scenario 1: You already have a CRC. All CRCs should be up-to-date, usually not more than six months old. When hoping to use your existing CRC, it is important to ask the proposed practicum site whether or not this will be acceptable.
  • Scenario 2: You are planning to complete your practicum in your place of employment and your employer already has a CRC from you on file. Please confirm with the site that this CRC will meet their practicum placement needs, and obtain an email/letter from them confirming this for your PPA submission.
  • Scenario 3: The proposed practicum site requires you to have a CRC within 30 days of starting your practicum, which means you will have to obtain the CRC after the Practicum Application submission deadline. If this is your circumstance, you must obtain an email or letter from the practicum site stating they require a CRC to be no older than 30 days. A copy must be included with your PPA in place of the CRC; once finalized, you must send a copy by email to [email protected] to be added to your PPA file.
  • Scenario 4: You have already initiated the CRC process but know that you will not receive it in time to meet the Practicum Application submission deadline. In this case, include in your PPA a copy of the receipt showing that you have initiated the CRC process. Once you have received your CRC, you must send a copy of it by email to [email protected] to be added to your PPA file.
Students who are planning to complete their practicum within a health authority, hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center or other health facility, will be required to provide up-to-date records of immunizations and TB skin test results. It is recommended that students begin the process of acquiring these records as soon as they begin applying for a practicum placement in a health authority setting. If you have any questions about what immunizations you will require, please contact your practicum site directly.
Students who are planning to complete their practicum within a hospital setting may be required to have a respiratory mask fitting prior to beginning practicum. It is recommended that students begin this process as soon as they know they will be completing a practicum placement in a hospital setting. If you have any questions about what the mask fitting will require, please contact your practicum site directly.

Application Form & Submission

Practicum Student Information

Click above to fill out this form. Once you have completed it, press on the Submit Application button below.

Here you will find the Practicum Student Information form, which should be filled out with the requested information, in addition to the Practicum Student Application (button at the bottom of this section).

As mentioned earlier in this section, and throughout this website, your application may require additional documents that you should submit by clicking on the button below after you have completed the Practicum Student Information form. Be mindful of the Deadlines specified earlier in this section.

It is recommended students start preparing their application early in the trimester prior to starting practicum, to ensure that you have an adequate amount of time to secure both a Site and a Supervisor for your Practicum.

Please Note: Students are not to contact the Department of Field Training to inquire about the status of their application as this will slow down the approval process. For those of you applying to complete practicum in your current place of employment, please remember to read and follow the guidelines provided in the Practicum Guide for Students. As well, the Workplace Application Form is required to be completed for additional review by the Field Training department.

Approval Process

  • The Field Training Team will review Practicum Applications for complete information. This process may take longer than 10-15 business days.
  • Our database is checked to ensure Supervisor forms are complete.
    • If the Supervisor is not in the database, then student must re-initiate Supervisor contact.
    • If the Site is your Place of Employment and/or Dual Relationships, this triggers additional review, this may or may not require consultation with the Student and / or Supervisor
  • If all required information and documentation is complete, an approval email is sent to the Student.
There are situations where a secondary site will be approved for Practicum Students. It is not recommended. These situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis prior to the submission of the Practicum Application and additional permission from the Associate Director of Field Training is needed before a student can apply with two sites. Each Site must be listed on the Site Locator (i.e., an approved site) and complete the same process in for documentation and approval.
Similar to the process of secondary sites, there are times when a site requests an external or additional supervisor. Permission from the Associate Director of Field Training is needed before a student can apply for two supervisors. If you will have more than one supervisor at your proposed practicum, each supervisor will under the same process in completing required application, documentation, and approval process.

Placement Hold Request

All students eligible to start practicum but who are not submitting a Practicum Placement Application must complete this form and submit it below. You are eligible for practicum when you have successfully completed all academic courses.

Note: this form is valid for one term only. Students must submit a new form for each subsequent term in which they are eligible for practicum and do not submit a Practicum Placement Application.

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