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~ A Message from the Associate Dean of Field Training, Dr. Tamara Dalrymple ~ 

Professional Etiquette 

When communicating with Practicum Advisors, kindly remember that they are dedicated professionals working diligently to assist you with your inquiries and practicum placements. They are here to provide guidance and support as you navigate this crucial aspect of your academic journey.  Please remember that students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the educational objectives of the University in accordance with generally accepted standards of behavior, and in accordance with other published University policies. In addition, please be timely in your responses, prepare well, ask thoughtful questions, and express your appreciation for their support. Your adherence to these principles ensures a positive experience for all and upholds the reputation of our institution. If you encounter challenges, don’t hesitate to seek assistance. Your commitment to excellence is appreciated. 

Application Process

MACP students generally begin practicum in trimester six and finish at the end of trimester seven.

All practicums must be officially approved by the Department of Field Training the trimester prior to the student beginning practicum.

To receive best opportunity for approval of a practicum plan, all steps provided below must be successfully completed by the established practicum application deadlines:

There are 3 Application Processes

If you are a potential Site and/or Supervisor for an MACP student seeking to complete their practicum with your agency/organization, please review the following information and steps of the Practicum Application process.

There are three (3) separate processes required by the MACP Program for a student’s practicum application to be considered for approval:

  1. The proposed Site must complete site information for the MACP Practicum Portal Site Locator (if not yet already done so-see more specific details below).
  2. The proposed Site Supervisor must complete the Supervisor Application (if not yet already done so-see more specific details below).
  3. The student must complete the Student Practicum Application.

Please read the specific details about each step in the overall Practicum Application Process outlined below.

  • All practicums must be officially approved by the Department of Field Training the trimester prior to the student beginning practicum.
  • To receive best opportunity for approval of a practicum plan, ALL steps provided below must be successfully completed by the established practicum application deadlines:

Steps for Sites, Supervisors, & Students

  • All potential practicum sites are required to be reviewed and approved by the MACP Practicum Liaison for viability as a practicum site and be listed on the Site Locator for a student’s practicum application to be considered.
  • If a potential Site is not already listed on the Practicum Portal Site Locator, the Site is required to complete the information form located on the Site Locator page of the Practicum Portal. NOTE: The student should not be completing this form for any site.
  • All potential site supervisors are required to have submitted the Supervisor Application form on the MACP Practicum Portal and undergo a review and approval by the MACP Practicum Liaison for a student’s practicum application to be considered. 
  • If a potential Supervisor has not already completed the Supervisor Application, the student should provide the potential Supervisor with the link to the MACP Practicum Portal to complete the Supervisor Application.

The URL to the Supervisor Application is:

NOTE: The student should not be completing the Supervisor Application form for any supervisor. 

  • The Supervisor is required to also provide the following documentation at the time of completing the Supervisor Application:
    • Current CV or Resume. 
    • Copy of professional registration, license or certification. 
  • The MACP Practicum Liaison will directly email the potential Supervisor stating whether or not the individual has been approved, or not. NOTE: The review process typically takes some time before the Supervisor will receive an email. 
  • The Supervisor should inform the student of the supervisor’s approval, or denial. 
  • If a Supervisor is unsure their credentials meet qualification, then Supervisors can submit a Supervisor Application to have their credentials reviewed. 
  • If a Supervisor has indicated they have already completed the Supervisor Application on the Practicum Portal, the Student should request directly from the Supervisor confirmation of approval or denial. 
  • Students should inquire directly to the Supervisor about their approval status. 

Once the student has confirmation from the Site and Supervisor that an application has been submitted (i.e., the Site application and the Supervisor application), then the student can complete the following steps: 


  1. Obtain the start date with your Site (remember the start date must be the first date of the University term you begin Practicum). The Academic Calendar lists the term start and end dates.
  2. Request the Site to provide you with a letter (or email) that includes the name of the site and contact information and verifies that you have been accepted as a practicum student at the site.
  3. If the designated representative for the Site and the Supervisor are not the same person, then the student sends the Site and Supervisor an email to confirm student’s acceptance at the site. This proves the student has been accepted by both. Use the downloadable email template (link here) to send to site and supervisor. Save a copy or screenshot of the confirmation email to submit as part of your Student Practicum Application.
  4. Then, complete and submit the Student Practicum Application. Attach copy of the confirmation email. Do not complete the application without the confirmations listed in steps above. The student will receive an Auto-Reply message when the application has been successfully submitted (this does not denote approval, just receipt of submission).
  5. For change of site. Review the process explained in the Student Practicum Application section.

Please be aware that the Practicum Liaison does not engage with students. If students have questions about the process, please review the recording of “Living the Practicum Life” in the Skills Learning Lab, attend the weekly drop-in zoom hours with the Practicum team, read the Student Practicum Manual or, as a last option, submit an MACP AskYU ticket. The Practicum Liaison will not respond to student emails.



Professional Liability Insurance is required for all practicum students. This policy also extends to students outside of Canada. Insurance coverage should cover the student’s work being performed while in the capacity of a practicum student. Proof of liability insurance documentation must be submitted with the student’s practicum application. Students must maintain a current professional liability insurance policy throughout the practicum. As a general rule, students should purchase an insurance policy limit up to $2 million. However, if you are a student in Ontario working with a Site/Supervisor in Ontario, please be advised that your insurance policy limit should be up to $5 million.

Note: Practicum Students in Ontario who plan to register with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) prior to beginning their practicum, will need to purchase professional liability insurance starting from their CRPO registration date, not from the practicum start date.

In some circumstances depending on the practicum site, students may also be required to purchase an additional professional liability insurance rider. Riders are additional terms that go into effect along with your basic policy, to provide additional coverage and added protection against risks. Students are responsible for checking with their practicum sites to see if additional insurance riders should be purchased. For Practicum students who reside outside of Canada but have a Practicum Supervisor within Canada, there may be additional legal and liability considerations, processes, or restrictions. Students in these situations should notify and consult with their Practicum Advisors or Practicum Coordinators.

Many professional associations (i.e., Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) offer liability insurance coverage as part of a student membership. Students may also obtain insurance through private insurance agents. 

Practicum Application and Practicum Placement Hold

Each trimester has its own practicum application deadlines ending at 11:55pm Atlantic Time (AT) on their respective day. These deadlines apply to sites, supervisors, and students and are specified below:

Term Term Start 

Practicum In Place of Employment (Workplace) 


All Other Practicums 


Practicum Placement Hold Submission Deadlines 
WinterJanuaryOctober 1November 1November 1



MayFebruary 1March 1March 1
Fall *SeptemberJune 1July 1July 1

Note*: Effective Fall 2023, the practicum application deadline for any site requiring an affiliation agreement (i.e., health authority, school district, government etc.) will be the same as the deadlines for “Practicum in Place of Employment (Workplace)” – June 1 (for September term start), October 1 (for January term start), and February 1 (for May term start).

*When applying to health authority sites or government agencies that require an application on your behalf, please be aware that the process can be time intensive. These sites often have specific requirements and procedures that must be followed diligently. While we fully support your pursuit of the best-fit placement, we kindly ask for your consideration in potentially withdrawing applications in a timely manner if circumstances change.

Documents Potentially Required by Site

It is very important that all students confirm with their proposed practicum site whether additional documents are required for their placement; generally, these will be:

  • Criminal record check (possibly with vulnerable sector check);
  • Mask fitting; and/or…
  • Proof of immunizations.

Because it is the University’s responsibility to ensure students have acquired the document(s), students must submit proof of the required document(s) as part of the Practicum Application. Failure to submit required documentation will delay the processing of a student’s application and may impact whether the student will be able to begin practicum on time. It is important you find out early on if any/all of these are required by your site, to give yourself enough time to secure them for your application.

Students must confirm with their proposed practicum site whether they must acquire a Criminal Record Check and potentially also a Vulnerable Sector Check. Please ensure that you begin this process early so you will obtain all of the necessary documents prior to submitting your practicum application. Failure to submit this required documentation will delay the processing of your application and may affect whether you will be able to begin practicum on time.

CRC procedures vary, depending on geographical location, which can affect the length of time it takes to obtain a CRC, i.e. wait time can be much longer in a large, urban center than in a rural area. Students must be aware of the process for their area and plan accordingly. It is important that the CRC is obtained from a reputable site (such as a local police station).

Here are some common scenarios we have encountered, which you may find helpful:

  • Scenario 1: You already have a CRC. All CRCs should be up-to-date, usually not more than six months old. When hoping to use your existing CRC, it is important to ask the proposed practicum site whether or not this will be acceptable.
  • Scenario 2: You are planning to complete your practicum in your place of employment and your employer already has a CRC from you on file. Please confirm with the site that this CRC will meet their practicum placement needs, and obtain an email/letter from them confirming this for your PPA submission.
  • Scenario 3: The proposed practicum site requires you to have a CRC within 30 days of starting your practicum, which means you will have to obtain the CRC after the Practicum Application submission deadline. If this is your circumstance, you must obtain an email or letter from the practicum site stating they require a CRC to be no older than 30 days. A copy must be included with your PPA in place of the CRC; once finalized, you must send a copy by email to [email protected] to be added to your PPA file.
  • Scenario 4: You have already initiated the CRC process but know that you will not receive it in time to meet the Practicum Application submission deadline. In this case, include in your PPA a copy of the receipt showing that you have initiated the CRC process. Once you have received your CRC, you must send a copy of it by email to [email protected] to be added to your PPA file.
Students who are planning to complete their practicum within a health authority, hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center or other health facility, will be required to provide up-to-date records of immunizations and TB skin test results. It is recommended that students begin the process of acquiring these records as soon as they begin applying for a practicum placement in a health authority setting. If you have any questions about what immunizations you will require, please contact your practicum site directly.
Students who are planning to complete their practicum within a hospital setting may be required to have a respiratory mask fitting prior to beginning practicum. It is recommended that students begin this process as soon as they know they will be completing a practicum placement in a hospital setting. If you have any questions about what the mask fitting will require, please contact your practicum site directly.

Application Form & Submission

Below you will find the Practicum Student Information form for New Practicum Students and the Change of Site or Supervisor form for Current Practicum Students. 

As mentioned earlier on this page, and throughout this website, your application may require additional documents. Be mindful of the Deadlines specified earlier on this page.

It is recommended students start preparing their application early in the trimester prior to starting practicum, to ensure that you have an adequate amount of time to secure both a Site and a Supervisor for your Practicum. Please ensure when completing a new practicum application form or a change of site or supervisor application form that the name and spelling of the Site and Supervisor are correct. If there are inconsistencies, you may risk a delay in the review process.

Please note that the Yorkville Practicum Application procedure has now transitioned to a one-step process. All new practicum applications will require students to upload required documentation directly in Step 1. For Practicum change requests still requiring documentation that are not related to Health Authorities, please submit these to your practicum coordinator. directly. For Practicum change requests requiring documentation that are related to Health Authorities, please send the documentation to [email protected]


Please Note: Students are not to contact the Department of Field Training to inquire about the status of their application as this will slow down the approval process. For those of you applying to complete practicum in your current place of employment, please remember to read and follow the guidelines provided in the Practicum Guide for Students. As well, the Workplace Application Form is required to be completed for additional review by the Field Training department.

Step 1: Form Submission

Practicum Student Information

New to Practicum Students - Click above to fill out this form. Once you have completed it, press on the Submit Application button below.

Change of Site or Supervisor

Current Practicum Students - Click above to fill out this form. Once you have completed it, press on the Submit Application button below.

For students submitting an application related to a Health Authority: If the placement has not been assigned and/or the Health Authority is still determining placement, students can upload a statement explaining their status with the Health Authority in place of the confirmation email. This only applies to these specific cases.

Approval Process

  • The Field Training Team will review Practicum Applications for complete information. This process may take longer than 10-15 business days.  
    Please note: If you are applying through the MACP Health Authority Liaison for a practicum site that requires an affiliation agreement (i.e., health authority, school district, government, etc.), the application approval process will be longer than 10-15 business days and subject to the timelines required by the respective organizations. For more information, please contact the Department of Field Training at [email protected].
  • Our database is checked to ensure Supervisor forms are complete.
    • If the Supervisor is not in the database, then student must re-initiate Supervisor contact.
    • If the Site is your Place of Employment and/or Dual Relationships, this triggers additional review, this may or may not require consultation with the Student and / or Supervisor
  • If all required information and documentation is complete, an approval email is sent to the Student.
There are situations where a secondary site will be approved for Practicum Students. It is not recommended. These situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis prior to the submission of the Practicum Application and additional permission from the Associate Director of Field Training is needed before a student can apply with two sites. Each Site must be listed on the Site Locator (i.e., an approved site) and complete the same process in for documentation and approval.
Similar to the process of secondary sites, there are times when a site requests an external or additional supervisor. Permission from the Associate Director of Field Training is needed before a student can apply for two supervisors. If you will have more than one supervisor at your proposed practicum, each supervisor will under the same process in completing required application, documentation, and approval process.

Cross Border & International Practicums: Policy and Viability Checklist

The MACP program is aware of challenges that students may face in locating a practicum site and site supervisor, including students who live outside of Canada in being able to complete the practicum requirements. Therefore, the MACP Department of Field Training has created the following policy and viability checklist in order to help students who reside within and outside of Canada achieve a greater potential for success in completing their practicum experience.

The MACP Program encourages international students to solicit a formalized agreement from their prospective practicum site situated beyond the borders of Canada. This agreement should comprehensively delineate various aspects relating to how supervision will be carried out, provide clear information about any potential fees or costs, and provide additional details or explanations about any relevant aspects pertinent to the practicum placement.

The MACP student who desires to complete their Practicum outside of the location within which they reside, or student who resides outside of Canada, is required to provides written responses to a viability checklist questionnaire. The student’s responses will be reviewed by the MACP Associate Director of Field Training and determination will be made as to the viability of the proposed practicum placement.

Click here to access and download the policy and viability questionnaire.

Practicum Placement Hold Request

If an MACP student, who is eligible for practicum, for whatever reason, must temporarily stop out from starting or continuing Practicum, they must complete the Practicum Placement Hold Request. The Practicum Placement Hold Request allows the MACP student to stop out one or more terms of the program, to a maximum of 12 consecutive months (up to 3 terms maximum), without reapplying for readmission.

Note: The Practicum Placement Hold Request form is valid for ONE TERM ONLY. Students must submit a new form for each subsequent term, up to 3 terms maximum, in which they are eligible for practicum and do not submit a Practicum Placement Application.

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