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Supervisor Application

Yorkville University offers the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP), which is designated in the province of New Brunswick and is delivered online.
Supervisor Application​ - Updated 2023

Basic Information

Do not use abbreviations. Please write out the province/state name in full.


Professional Association/Affiliation
Upon request, can you provide proof and copies of your provincial licensure or registration?
Professional Standing

Academic and Clinical Background

Do you posess at least one year of post-graduate supervised counselling experience in one of the counselling professions, in addition to the post-graduate counselling experience required to become registered or licensed?
Will you be providing Practicum Supervision in the province of Ontario?

Ontario Practitioners

Which regulatory college are you a registrant of?
Ontario Clinical Requirements
Have you completed 30 hours of directed learning in providing clinical supervision?
Please indicate your directed learning activities:
Select all that apply
Do you understand CRPO’s definitions of clinical supervision, clinical supervisor and the scope of practice of psychotherapy?

Supervisor Agreement

I acknowledge that I will not agree to provide supervision to practicum students in circumstances that may form a dual relationship with the supervisee as outlined in the Supervisor Practicum guide (i.e., where I am the practicum student's direct employment supervisor, friend, therapist/counsellor, teacher, etc.)
I agree to uphold the requirements and procedures outlined in the Supervisors Practicum Guide.
I understand that all potential supervisors are required to provide a copy of (1) current CV or Resume and (2) registration/certification/licensure document to be reviewed and approved by the Department of Field Training, even if they have provided it previously. Please email these items to our Practicum Liaison [email protected] in order to complete the application process.

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