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Practicum Practice: Skills-Coaching Groups


These groups are weekly [voluntary] skills-coaching opportunities lead by students in the Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy program. These groups are only offered to MACP students.

DCP students are currently in a course that explores introductory styles of supervision via practical application (i.e., providing skills consultation to masters-level counsellors-in-training).

Nature of the Group Session

All groups are open with no required sign-up. Each group is recorded by the DCP student. The recording will be shared with their supervisor (not shared in MACP).  Open group means any MACP student is allowed to join any of the groups at any time.  DCP student times span a range of options (listed below).  MACP students do not have to attend the same group (although they may) week-over-week. 

DCP students are required to submit a link of the recording as a portion of their weekly grade.  MACP students are NOT graded and the experience is meant to further advance their education and serve as skill-practice only.  Attending this group is consent for the recording for learning purposes.


Which MACP students can actively participate in the sessions?

To participate, students must complete PSYC 6246 Counselling Skills & Competencies. This course offers basic counselling skills that give a foundation for practicing. Any student that has completed this course can actively participate by volunteering to role play, share feedback (as requested by the coach) and/or role play a client. 

If you are not actively participating in the role play or demonstration, then students can attend the session off camera and on mute. A link of the recording will not be posted for later viewing. 

Benefits to participation

Skills consultation; Skills coaching; Vicarious learning through viewing peers; Learn from experienced DCP clinicians

Who can view the sessions?

For MACP students, “viewing” the session means not actively participating in the meeting via role playing as the counsellor or giving feedback. All MACP Students are allowed to view these sessions.

Expectations of MACP Students who are participating and/or viewing

  • Respectful to group members and the learning process
  • Adhere to professionalism expectations of the program (i.e.,  review the Professional Suitability Policy). A reminder that this policy covers a student’s entire enrollment or participation in any MACP-related sessions/events.
  •  No eating or smoking during the sessions. 
  •  Sessions cannot be held while driving or participating in any other activity.  The expectation is that you are seated in a professional setting without any other person present in the room.
  • Practice sessions are to be treated as you would any other professional setting. A refusal or blatant disregard for your peers’ safety and confidentiality can result in removal from the group. 
  • Students should review the Safe & Effective Use of Self Module, Video: Guidance for self-disclosure in learning activities before attending.

How to Join

These groups do not have a sign-up process. These are open, voluntary groups that allow students to attend on the day/time of choice. Make-up sessions will not be offered.  Use the DCP student links below to join a session.  Please note the time zones at all in Atlantic.


Sessions are recorded by the DCP student for supervision and documentation purposes. By attending any of these sessions, it is understood that you are consenting to being recorded. Recordings are for the purpose of learning, reflecting, and completing assignments. No recordings are to be shared outside of the DCP 8633 Course. Any other use is strictly prohibited. A refusal to be recorded and/or disregard of this understanding will result in a removal from the group.  

Supervising Professor of Students

If there are significant concerns about your experience as an MACP in these coaching sessions, then you are welcome to reach out to the supervising instructor: Dr. Konja Klepper, [email protected] Please know this may also include the Dean and DCP Program Director.

The Skills Coaching Groups will run in Weeks 10 to 14 of each Term. The dates and times for the sessions will be updated and posted during Week 9 of each Term.

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