Practicum Course

Course Description

After successful completion of all academic coursework - during the final two trimesters of the MACP program - students will be enrolled in the 7113 & 7203 Practicum course if they have an officially approved practicum site.

This course is designed to support students during their practicum placement and enrich their learning experience. It also provides an opportunity to formally evaluate counselling competencies of students, ensuring that graduation from the MACP program signifies readiness to work effectively as an entry-to-practice level counsellor.

In 7113 & 7203, there will be a focus on integrating theory with practice; resolving ethical dilemmas; case conceptualization and planning; developing competencies in dealing with cultural issues; embracing diversity; working collaboratively across disciplines; accessing and maximizing the benefits of site supervision and developing a professional identity as a counsellor. 

Topics and resources will be closely connected to those previously introduced throughout the program to provide opportunities to synthesize and apply students’ learning. This approach will facilitate a deeper level of experiential learning and retention.

Each section of the 7113 & 7203 Practicum course will be led by a faculty instructor and have an assigned practicum coordinator to support students through the practicum process.


Registration of a student in the 7113 & 7203 Practicum course is independently conducted by Student Services and is separate and unrelated to the practicum approval process conducted by the Department of Field Training. Typically, students receive their notice of course registration from Student Services four to six weeks prior to the official start date of each trimester. For trimester start dates, please refer to the Academic Calendar found under the Academic Info link on the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences page on the YU Campus homepage.

For questions about fees or payments, please contact the Bursar’s Office via AskYU.

Students can select their preferred Practicum Course Section on Monday, July 26th at 1pm AT.

Click Here to Access the Practicum Course Section Signup

Sign-ups will close on Friday, July 30th at 9am AT. This is a hard timeline.

The sign-up process will be conducted on a first come, first served basis. Most students sign up within the first 10 minutes. Once a course reaches the max capacity, then that section will close as a sign-up option.

Here are some helpful tips that will make sure you are successful.

  • Please ensure that you have six choices that will work for you written down before the beginning of sign-up, as this will make the process go more smoothly for you.
  • Do not contact instructors listed on the sign-up section. They cannot enroll you into a section.
  • Please make sure that the seminar and faculty instruction times fit in your life schedule (including religious holidays). Please make arrangements with your child care provider, practicum site, and/or employer. These are mandatory sessions and cannot be missed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Practicum Advisor.

Onsite & Course Components

The student’s comprehensive practicum experience will encompass both the onsite practicum experience and all academic coursework. Both components of 7113 & 7203 are interconnected and the success of the student in the practicum course is dependent on both the student’s onsite and course-related performance. It is the faculty instructor who determines and assigns the final course grade of pass or fail during the formative and summative evaluation process.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • Integrate theory, research literature, and practice in case conceptualization, planning, and counselling interventions;
  • Choose an appropriate course of action and apply sound ethical decision-making strategies to resolve ethical dilemmas;
  • Demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in basic interviewing and counselling skills;
  • Reconstruct the counselling process for one or more counselling clients using case notes and audio/video tapes;
  • Self-evaluate level of counselling competency with various client populations within your scope of practice;
  • Formulate self-directed learning goals and strategies for ongoing professional development, based on analysis of appropriate self-assessment;
  • Summarize counselling process and client progress in the capstone project to demonstrate proficiency to function as an entry-level counsellor in the field;
  • Engage in ongoing development of culturally and ethically sensitive competencies in clinical practices;
  • Demonstrate professional relations with colleagues, faculty instructors, and site supervisors;
  • Integrate constructive feedback into written work;
  • Explain how experiences/feedback/readings contribute to changes in counselling interactions

7113 (starting in 21F term) Onsite & Academic Components to be Evaluated

Graded Item
% of Final Grade
Due Date
Reflective Journal #1
Sunday, Week 2
Reflective Journal #2
Sunday, Week 11
Consultation Seminars

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Date & Time: Faculty Instructor’s Course Schedule

Seminar Engagement
Sunday, Week 15
Student Video Case Presentation #1

Week 9

Date & Time: Faculty Instructor’s Course Schedule

Case Conceptualization Paper
Sunday, Week 14
Faculty Instructor Formative Evaluation
Sunday, Week 15

7203 Onsite & Academic Components to be Evaluated



Seminar Engagement for T2
Student must submit self-assessment of participation


Journal 4 (T2)


Journal 5 (T2)


Seminar Presentation
Students will submit their summary of presentation along with material and PowerPoint in T2 for grading. It does not matter if the student presented in T1 or T2, final grades are due in T2


Faculty Instruction Video 2 (T2)


Faculty Instruction Video 3 (T2)


Confirmation of Practicum Hours

At the end of each trimester your site supervisor will be required to approve your practicum hours in Time2Track. Hours can be sent to your site supervisor for approval at any point during practicum, however all hours must be approved at the end of each trimester. At the end of your practicum you and your site supervisor will be required to sign a summary form of all hours approved during your practicum in addition to approving all of your hours submitted in Time2Track.


Yorkville University’s Department of Field Training Staff hopes this portal is helpful and informative. If there is only one important message we want to communicate, it is this: Do not put off looking for a practicum site until the last minute. Take personal responsibility for every detail of your Field Training experience. We are here to help you be successful, but it is up to you to manage the entire process through to completion! Plan ahead and take action now.

We wish you all a very positive and successful learning experience during your practicum!

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